• Crazy things for crazy people 😜

    NONTREND captures the essence of unique and unconventional designs, encouraging people to embrace the unusual and stand out from mainstream trends. It's the idea of celebrating individuality, creativity, and a sense of quirkiness.
    Nontrend made his artistic debut in 2022, unveiling his unique creations through his Instagram account @nontrendface and launching his dedicated website at nontrend.com. Building on this momentum, the nontrendshop.com online store was established in the spring of 2023, offering a diverse range of clothing and other items adorned with Nontrend's delightfully eerie artwork. Embrace the unconventional and explore the world of Nontrend's whimsical and eccentric designs.
    Behind this funky name hides an incredibly unknown (and probably a little crazy) art and design teacher from a small village called Ogre, in Northern Europe, Latvia. He has been drawing all kinds of weird freaks since he was very young. Later, he studied architecture and also received training to express himself at the Latvian Academy of Arts. For the past 14 years, he has been teaching young design and art students. However, outside of that, he quietly enjoys creating these nontrend faces, which are his greatest passion. You can see more of his work on his Instagram feed @nontrendface.

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